Saturday, January 31, 2009

my achin back

So i have to admit. Last night i put 15 pages down, but when i was done i logged in to World of Warcraft and played till 730am. then i had breakfast and walked around. then slept and didn't get up till 3pm. its bad ya'll.

i dreamt of humans attacking as Horde characters in the game would. the leader of the Horde (I am Alliance) was a chubby guy with a dorky goatee and his main spell was to hit me with a pine branch that would emanate sparkly magic dust and put me in a peaceful lovey dovey mood. I told all my people to be ready for the onslaught when it came. When it did I tried to rip the guys throat out with my bare hands Roadhouse style. I couldn't quite get a proper grip on him and the dream slid around and around going from one strange realm to another with my weak grip on this fat man's neck the only constant. we became a grip-based world and i was slipping. In moments like these, my conscious and sub-consicous confer as to what to do and sometimes:

I slip completely away like the dream where i'm a little boy running through the halls and an ogre is chasing me, he's a pedophile man, but he's an ogre too. and instead of destroying him i wink out of the dream ... into a safer place.

or my conscious wins and i say to myself in my dream this is my dream, this is my world and all hell breaks loose as the power of that statement reverberates throughout the dreamscape and I can't control it. I fly through a world of flashing worlds and lash out with my power at anything that comes. In these dreams, faces come out of the blurry crowd and say things to me ...

Or sometimes i whirl around an act and the seamless movement through juxtapositions is my mind trying to release me from this grip, trying to find out which juxtaposition will untie the knot and let my mind wander free again.

And sometimes I just wake up and look at the clock and moan to myself.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

i might as well drop it

So i been working on this epic novel and such and as the days go on the story gets more fun to mess with. I am going to lay a bit on ya'll here cuz I figure why not and people be asking me all the time "YO Sasch, wassup with the book dude?"

(and by putting it down here i make it MINE and anyone who steals will get chased down beaten then sued.)

the story goes like this:

its just a bit before the breaking of the world and the new age is bout to dawn. gods and goddesses have been messing with man's emotions for millennia and they live off of the extracts of love, happiness, suffering, jealousy .. its like cash to them. After a while, the deities, like the church, become more interested in the cash aspect of being a god then the moral/spiritual guide they should be or at least what people see them to be. devotion and sacrifice and extracting them emotions is more important then raising up man.

So at this point in time, the gods are divided into peaceful and wrathful gods that tolerate each other but have nothing really to do with each other. like russians and americans back in the day. as soon as they meet, they might end up fuckin, but cuz they have been told all their lives that they should hate each other ...

and the peaceful gods are further divided into the Cultists and the Department. the dept kinda being like the corporate side of godliness. they have hierarchy and structure and all that and they go about fuckin with man in an orderly fashion. the cultists are like heavens hippies. they have all the morals of hippies: love man, love each other, spread the goodness, but they also have the cliquey hypocrisy and latent desire to be on top that some hippies have, its that righteousness born of believing in one's own superior but outcast status. they would love nothing more then to take over and rule the way things "should be run"

the wrathful gods, well, they are a interesting but i dont want to give it all away.

throw in a group of humans currently being messed with. These guys are basically me and my crew. aimless but fun to be around.

the book ends with:

i have an ending but i think it would be fun to solicit random passages from you all. take what little i have given you and write something down. it would be a cool little experiment. it prob. will not influence me that much, but it just might and if it does i promise i will credit you with a name or a place or maybe you are one of the gangly canadian chics that gets ... ummm ... ravaged during the sack of long beach. or maybe i will give you a gods/goddess's name. like Genuss, the beautiful blonde goddess who just learned she was downsized just before the new age. or chocho the rebellious little goddess who has a thing for a wrathful demon named tsochi. or xam (named after a real dude) who is the sexy leader of the cultists with his devious hippy plans and long blonde locks ... you know. play with this and have fun.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

now its really on

The downturn just hit my household. The main breadwinner int he house stands to lose her job come April. Her bosses are pretty unimaginative when it comes to downsizing, but how much can you expect from people really these days?

I have a new slogan that can help answer that question: when you decide to take responsibility for some dumbass shit you pulled or just for the things you should be doing be like:

"Obama made me do it."

Make this a bumper sticker and see what happens.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

its on

Yesterday was MLK's birthday. me and nicole and ashley and deb marched from Sister's of the Road to St. Mary's Academy with a few hundred people, then went home to listen to KBOO. I passed out and in my dreams i heard MLK's speech we will overcome, which was playing on the radio at the time. In my dream I had my head in my hands and was sobbing. Stark juxtaposition with the whooping and hollering I just did as Obama became Pres. Oh man you know its on. My man Big Scott has been giving me updates from DC where he was at the mall with people from all over the nation: families and lovers, bums and heroes, wise men and fools.

I am really excited to see what the man does now that its official. First things last, close Guantanamo Bay. Today is a good day. Walk by strangers and smile. Yesterday I said hello to a cute well-dressed Asian girl and she sneered at my audacious hope. I said, one of these days I am going to learn not to say hello to girls like that, but I actually hope I never learn. Even snooty girls get my love today.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some travel stories for that ass

Matador is jumping off the chains and the hook and the fence and cliffs and all that. here are some stories posted recently, check em out.

A great run down of funky eats in Asia.

Spots to dip to if the US is getting you down.
I am down with Medellin.

Some thoughts on the airport,
one of the weirdest spaces on earth.



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So whats been goin on

I got back two days ago from a trip to Kauai with my man Q the Happy Buddha. We camped all over the island and ate offa campfires and propane stoves. It was a fine fine trip. We hiked one day into the NaPali coastal area and found a river site all to our own. Several pools and tiny waterfalls. I laid naked with my balls facing the onrushing water and closed my eyes to the bright sun. It rained slightly as God listened to Qusai tune his voice to the river. For real. He is studying classical Hindustani music and part of the theory is that all things give off vibrations. He sang a song that gave praise to the Lord in Hindi with the river as his band. It was very nice indeed.

Our last two days we camped on the south shore amidst lava flows frozen mid charge into the ocean. We had a protected site and the water was a perfect blue. Humpbacks blew and jumped in the distance and the setting sun was a reflection of the rising full moon. The queen of the night got a little tempestuous in the dead of the night and broke one of our tent stakes in half as me and Q held on for dear life. She calmed down as dawn settled in and we rose to watch Robert and his brother shore-cast for giant trevally. They caught a lobster and grilled him up for lunch.

So now I am back in the dungeon writing about shamans and hobos bout to take the little princess to school. She is showing me her baby clothes cuz she wishes she were still a baby.

Q has some pics and i'll post them as soon as he sends him.

Oh yeah. On our last day we chilled at the Grand Hyatt and I pretended to be a doctor fresh off of a trip to help children in SE Asia and Q was an Indian steel scion from
Bombay. People would ask us for our room number and I said: look for Qusai Kathawala and Q said look for Sascha Matuszak ...

but the event of the day was:

I was watching two little boys ages 6 and 4 swim in the little pool and they were pretty fun to watch. Saying all sorts of cool things; the older one swam from one rock to the other and was like: "here i am moving to my new spot, just settling into my new territory thats all ..."

i laughed and told their father he had cute boys. The younger one then jumped off the rock and landed in water two feet too deep for him and started flailing madly. He went under and only his curls and little nose and frightened eyes protruded above water. I stood and adrenaline pumped through me. His father was real calm and told the older one: "hey michael, go get your brother" but michael is 6 and 20 feet away and has no clue what's going on. The little one went under a few more times and I could see he was panicking and not going to make it out of the water. But dad just stood there and said all calm: "get to the rock son, just swim to the rock".

I ran through the water and went to pick the kid up, he looked up at me with desperation and reached out with a tiny hand. He weighed about 10lbs and i put him on the rock where he sputtered and cried. Dad looked annoyed and no one would look at me or the kid or the dad. About 10 people in the area and they all pretended not to have seen what went down. I am convinced that that kid would have drowned had I not ran in there.

These damn tourists are so dumb its crazy. In ten days on Kauai I read about 7 deaths. Two young men at the bottom of a waterfall and one old guy who drowned on a snorkeling trip in 10 feet of water. I don't think certain things register. Or maybe I am tripping. But after about five minutes I was so shook -- and its not even my kid -- that i said fuck the Hyatt and went to the airport.

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