Friday, February 1, 2008

Babysittin Sammy

Don't worry. He is in safe hands. I have brought his gibbering ass home a few times now. Last night was quite amazing. We are staying in the old market square of Shaxi Town for the time being and it is really very beautiful.

This morning I walked out of the caravan courtyard we are sleeping in to get some fresh air. I walked through the old wooden gate and passed the ageless well with a cup of hot love in my hand. The sun shone down upon the temple and the theater, both hundreds of years old and carefully restored. The cobblestones were solid and fresh in the sunlight and people were strolling up to the market, placing tofu out to dry, stretching and sipping tea. The tres were swaying and whispering and the eaves of these caravan houses bleared out at me and yawned. It was idyllic ya'll and i just stood and sipped and smiled.

There will be a tribal gathering in a few days at the Bad Monkey in Dali as the Spring Festival inches closer. We plan on setting off thousands of fireworks, downing dozens of bottles of whiskey and chasing all of the women into our specially made corral.

Till then, I leave you with a few pics of this place and words of comfort for those who miss and love and worry about Sammy:

I wont leave his sorry ass behind.

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chris said...

I told him before he left. Just remember sam people in the u.s. don't understand you when you drink so how will the chinese. I'm glad you got his back or he wouldn't make it, we all know this to be true.
" Oh mad one we see your trap, you can never escape your fate..."
Thanks chach! I love being able to see your misadventures here in the rainy state of Oregon.