Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Auntie Lickums

So yo. I have two female cats, Stony and Crackhead, that are sisters and they both gave birth on the same day almost two weeks ago. Stony had three kittens of which two survived and Crackhead had two kittens of which one survived. This is as far as I can tell, I actually only know of the deaths. I didn't see all of the births.

I was horrified by the kittens cold stiff bodies and flung the first from me into the bushes, the second I placed next to the other. The second died after I found him several hours later, crawling onto the courtyard seeking us. He spent one night with his family, then died in the morning.

The first do die was an abnormally large stillborn. Crackhead, the mother of the still born -- had one more kitten. Although I did not see this happen, one kitten is striped like Crackhead and is larger than the other two, which are Stony's little gray and white kitties.

Crackhead loves these kitties to death. On the day they were born, she attacked several male cats in the area. Since then, she has been Auntie Lickums, lavishing tongue-ings on the three survivors at all times. For a while, she would take one out and play with it, then forget it. Three separate times I had to find missing kitties. Now, I believe she has realized how distressed this makes me, so it should be over.

One of Stony's kitties has a bum leg. its bent and such. They are very young, so I don't know what to do, I figure let nature take its course. I am worried about the kitty becoming a crippled cat ..

its a tough life out here.

Crackhead sleeps with Stony and the kids, licking and purring like mad. Recently, she loves to get petted on the tummy, where her nipples are dry and unused, as Stony has done all of the nursing. She also meows forlornly more than before. I wonder if she knows that her only kitty thinks she is not mommy, but auntie lickums.

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