Friday, July 4, 2008

Patterns of Development in China

Francesco Cisci is the Asia editor for La Stampa and a frequent contributor to Asia Times. Here is an essay of his that does a good job of tracing China's cultural changes and is also invaluable for me in that the patterns he describes course through my story about the Hakka.

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Nicole Vulcan said...

Very good article.

We here in the US have our own little emperors, and our own 'gang of four' too -- only here their names are cinderella, belle, ariel and aurora. Better known as the "Disney Princesses" round these parts. My kid loves to wear tiaras and parade around the house -- and i (somewhat reluctantly) let her.

But when i am rubbing her back at night, i wonder what her life will be like when it's no longer socially acceptable to do such things...

And instead of calling her princess, people are giving her the less-savory title of "drama queen" when she demands a nightly massage. oi.