Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chengdu Tea Feature

This is a feature I wrote about tea in Chengdu for the SCMP.

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Polycarp said...

Hello, what does "chachin ain't easy" mean. I found a shirt that says it, but I have no idea. Thank You!

sascha matuszak said...

for real? a shirt that says it? they done STOLED it from me. for sure. chachin is well, i guess in terms of this blog it means the madness of my method, or the method that courses through my mad life and such. basically if you knew how foolish i can be and then you calculated how many times i should have been beaten down or thrown in jail and then divide that by the fact that i still live and no one is shutting down my blog (save Chicom censors) then you arrive ... at ... a shirt.

living the way i do with one eye on the clouds and the other scanning for danger just aint easy.