Thursday, January 21, 2010

redemption is just one way of saying

my job is
to pull you back from the brink of darkness
protect you from the prince of shadows
show you the flower in all seasons
keep you fed, fat and giggling
give you a blanket when its cold
build a home for you to waltz in
shore up the foundation when it crumbles
so that i might be
the man i've always wanted to be

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watching said...

Okay, this is really good, I especially like the "build a home for you to waltz in" line. That's what a home should be: the place to freely dance your heartsongs. This is way more than your job, though. It is your privilege, your honor, and your blessing. It is your half of the mating without which their can be no whole. And that whole is so much more than just the two of you, or even the three of you. With your insight into how to build a home, you will build not just a come but a cathedral onto your home.

Very well done. But kind of scary, too, isn't it?

Avi said...

Snaps man,
in the slam poetry world
you receive snaps
instead of claps

sascha matuszak said...

privilege, honor, blessing ... i think the scary part for me is that we started digging a foundation then went straight to the cathedral, so i got all of the rooms and stairs and floors and such to do yet.

who let you onto this blog, Avisnaps?

Big Ole Jake said...

Word. I can totally relate my brother. Much, much love to you and your family.

sascha matuszak said...

thanks Big Daddy.