Monday, April 14, 2008

Basic Conversation with a Chengdu Cabbie

Oh shit! Wassup Laowai!

Where you from?

For real? Where you teach at?

You aint a teacher? Where you study at?

Oh so you a company man. How much you make?


Yeah right, lying ass.

How long you been here?

Holy shit! So you like Chengdu?

Can you eat spicy food?

Hell no. Really: Can you eat spicy food?

Well I'll be damned. You married?

No? You like our Sichuan girls? Flyest in China.

hehehe. Thats what I'm sayin.

allright my man. walk slow.

1 comment:

NicoVee said...

man man zou... this would be the exact conversation i would have transcribed from those cabbies too... only i didn't understand their every word. but they did put in the part about sichuan girls... surprisingly...

maybe they saw that lecherous gleam in my eye.